Hair Replacement Therapy

Are you already struggling with advanced stages of hair loss and balding? Is it too late to say sorry? Not really! Dr. Hair’s Hair Replacement Therapy brings you the world’s most sophisticated non-surgical hair replacement procedure that guarantees you 100% coverage on any type of baldness!

Cosmetic hair replacement procedure targets the advanced stages of hair loss, thereby helping you tackle even the worst stages of balding. Dr. Hair’s therapy is far ahead of other alternative therapies in India in terms of technology, methodology, and product range when it comes to cosmetic hair replacement. Cosmetic hair replacement has given thousands of people better hair type and density than what they were born with. The therapy offers much more options in terms of styling the hair. It’s 100% human hair that can be well maintained even at home. It’s 100% human hair that can be well maintained even at home. Cosmetic hair complies with every normal lifestyle where you can exercise, take bath or swim with it. This result oriented and non surgical procedure comes with no medications, internal treatments or side effects. Cosmetic Hair Replacement Therapy is perfectly suitable for male pattern baldness and alopecia. This is the reason why Dr. Hair says that this procedure give you “Hair To Play With.”

  • Treatment for advanced stages of balding
  • Most superior technology in India
  • Guarantees 100% coverage on any type of baldness
  • Easy maintenance
  • 100% human hair
  • No medications, internal treatment or side effects
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Category of hair replacement

  • Hair Fixing
  • Men’s Toupee
  • Hair Bonding
  • Hair Patch